Yael (left), Jen Starr (center), Lara (right),
video still by Jupiter Jones, 2002

Marafanyi Percussion is presently seeking funding for a full length release and independent label representation. If you can help send an email or call us at 877.904.2362 to dicuss your idea!


2005 release

1. Lamban Melange
2. Guinee Prayer
3. Immaculate Troubles
4. Jenny Scat
5. Doorways
6. What's So
7. Koukou

"Introducing Marafanyi Percussion LIVE!"
featuring Lara & Yael with Jennifer Starr & special guest, Erik Lawrence
copyright 2005, Marafanyi Percussione
This CD features 3 tracks recorded live at Underground Concerts in Maplewood, NJ and 4 tracks recorded live at WNTI, 91.9, Centenary College for "Artists Up Close" Over 30 minutes of music, this offering captures our performance energy and features Jen Starr in a big way - finally! We are pleased to welcome our old friend, sax/flute master, Erik Lawrence officially into the mix. All tracks were enhanced, engineered, edited and mixed by Ray "Special Sauce" Korona.
$12 + $2 for shipping/handling

copyright 2003, Roots Heart Pulse
This CD single (7 minutes long) was recorded LIVE and entirely improvised. It's a
sexy spoken word piece written by Lara, featuring Yael on percussion, Jen Starr on
vocals and special guest, the amazing Glen Fittin on frame drum. Light a candle and
some incense, pour yourself a glass of wine, and prepare to be transported to a
state of relaxation and sensuality! Recorded, engineered and mixed by John Kurgan
at Hungry Goat Studios.
$5 + $2 for shipping/handling

1. Gold (Nongo Style) 5:28
2. Jigsaw 1:20
3. Sorsornet 2:34
4. Meterless Love Poem 3:18

"Lara & Yael Percussione Duo 4 Song EP"
copyright 2002, Lara & Yael Percussione Duo/Roots Heart Pulse
Released as a work in progress, this CD features Lara & Yael's earliest offerings. It highlights the djembe drum and features spoken word originals along with a newfound Guinea initiation groove. Recorded, engineered, mixed and co-produced by John Kurgan at Hungry Goat Studios.
$10 + $2 for shipping/handling

"Million Letters" MP3 (dub version)
copyright 2002, Lara Gonzalez/Roots Heart Pulse
This recording features Lara singing her original tune accompanined by the fabulous Jahal on bass. It was intended purely for pre-production but we like it enough to offer it up as a . . .


The ladies captured their live performance energy for a promo video short . . .

THANK YOU for taking the time to check out our visual side. We truly enjoy what we do and believe this video captures our enthusiasm and commitment to our art. We welcome your comments and feedback!

If you are in a position to book talent and would rather view the short on standard VHS video please contact us.

ABOUT THE SHOOT - This short was shot on the fly at the "Mushugaas" multimedia, cross cultural, bi-polar, indoor/outdoor happening at Uncle Joe's In Jersey City, NJ. It was filmed and edited by the fabulous Mathieu Borysevicz with the assistance of Jupiter Jones & Rob Bischoff.

GRATITUDE & PROPS - Rob Dew, Jennifer Starr, Jamie Ross, Mr. Lex, Smitty and Uncle Joe's, and all the exceptional artists presenting at the same event.

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to see video.
This promo video is available on DVD.
Contact us via email or call 877.904.2362

We also accept payment via check/m.o. make payable and send to:
Beaver Mill
189 Beaver St
Studio # 406
North Adams, MA 01247

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