Marafanyi Percussion
The Trio/Quartet released a Live CD in 2005!
Details visit the audio/video page.

Marafanyi Full Bio/Resume in PDF format:
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The Trio w/ Jennifer Starr,
Vocals & Percussion

With big hearts and open minds, percussionists, Lara Gonzalez & Yael Shacham, have fallen in love with West Africa. They travel frequently to Guinea to focus on the dynamic and lyrical music & dance from a variety of ethnic groups. After co-arranging and creating as a duo for years, a cosmic love commission brought them musically together with chanteuse, Jennifer Starr.

An imaginative vocalist, Jen takes the duo to a magical place. This is not surprising given that Ochun, the Yoruba goddess of love and water, brought them musically together. She coaxes the melody out of the melody and as a percussionist she feul injects the groove with her fearless and radiant energy.

Together these pioneering ladies present an artistic
expression combining rhythm, movement, song and spoken word in poetic motion. As an opening act they have supported musicians from all genres including, world (Fula Flute Ensemble), jazz (Perry Robinson), folk (Odetta) and rock (Hamell on Trial). As headliners they have performed in a variety of venues – from intimate house concerts to multi-media performance art events. They enjoy frequent television and radio appearances.

This trio is already known for their diverse creativity - "percussion is just the beginning!"- to quote one fan, as well as their commitment to the healing and transformative power of the drum. They are determined to change the world beat by beat.

Keep an ear out for Jennifer Starr's forthcoming jazz demo as well as appearances with Bar Scott among other artists.
photo by Erin Mills
The Quartet w/ Erik Lawrence,
Saxes & Flutes

Marafanyi Percussione transforms again with the addition of sax/flute master, Erik Lawrence. A sensitive & versatile player, Erik began to learn his craft at age 5 under the guidance of his late father, Arnie Lawrence (founder of the New School of Jazz in NYC, the International Center for Creative Music Studies in Jerusalem) who told him, "play what you feel" Erik has worked with an array of talent including Steve Bernstein, John Pizzarelli, Frank Messina, Branford Marsalis, Bob Dylan, Joan Osborne, and Levon Helm to name a few. He currently teaches Jazz saxophone at Williams College among other places.

We are honored to have Erik share his creative magic - each note an expression of intention and integrity, elevating the trio to another level and reminding us to play what we feel. Read more about Erik here

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